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SOCIWARE: We were in Paris as part of the game software school for social cohesion of disadvantaged youth.

We were in Paris between 8-13 October as part of TÜRGEV’s “SOCIAWARE Game Software School for Social Cohesion of Disadvantaged Youth” ERASMUS+ project.

The first phase of our project, which involved a total of 32 participants, 25 from Turkey, 4 from Germany and 3 from Portugal, started in May 2022 with online training at Bahçeşehir University. Young people reinforced the training they received within the scope of the project by participating in digital workshops and corporate visits in Paris between 8-13 October. Our project team, who had the opportunity to visit the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey in Paris; Gaîté had the opportunity to develop their personal creativity and general culture in institutions such as Lyrique Museum, Louvre Museum, ISART Digital, Video Game & 3D FX Animation School.