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SOCIAL INFORMATION: We were in Lousada and Porto for the Portuguese process of the ERASMUS+ project named “Game Software School for Social Cohesion of Disadvantaged Youth”.

We visited Lousada and Porto, and tried to go to the cultural side of Portugal with our project participants from Turkey, Germany and Portugal. Lousada is the place to visit the Romanesque Rute Interpretation Center in the city, and Porto is the place to visit the Game Software Center and Heritage Monuments in the city. We experienced the “Includoteca” project at Lixa Felgueiras and gained experience about board games. After the completion of the Portuguese process, the project participants returned to their countries.

Thus, the ERASMUS+ project named “SOCIAWARE: Game Software School for Social Cohesion of Disadvantaged Youth” was completed. Participants reinforced what they learned in Scripture, Story Editing and Technical Software, Animation and Cinematography, Game Publishing, Graphic Design and Modeling courses, which they had seen online for 184 hours at Bahçeşehir University, with visits and purchases made in various countries. In the next period, they will cooperate to develop joint game software and design new projects.